The story of how we got started on flytplaces

a daunting task that was fueled by passion

April 2005

Founder Sushee Perumal gets his Pilot's licence

Sushee was eager to spread his wings and fly to destinations. However, discovering destinations was all by chance - asking other pilots, stumbling onto a social media post or a conversation with a (friendly) stranger at the airport.

While there are many tools for flight planning, destination specific information for pilots are hard to use and lack critical features that could make the discovery and planning process approachable, perhaps even fun!

December 2022

Flying to the Bahamas highlighted the pain

Information for destinations in the Bahamas came from various YouTube videos, researching Facebook groups and using Google (a lot). Organizing this information wasn't easy. After the flight to the Bahamas, various friends asked me about my experience, but there isn't an easy way to share details about my trip which included customs procedures, destinations in Bahamas, IFR procedures, even money saving tips such as groceries to bring and ground transportation options.

April 2023

The app was born!

The app first featured getaways, fly-in resorts, restaurants and crew car locations. It has since evolved to include directories of A&Ps, avionics shops, instructors and more.


We continue to make frequent updates working closely with our pilot community.

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